Tea and Tombstones

TT 28: I can and will endure...

February 04, 2022 Ashlie Season 2 Episode 28
Tea and Tombstones
TT 28: I can and will endure...
Show Notes

We are back with another monthly card episode. For February we are working with the 5 of Swords and the Buffalo. Two fives in a row is no joke, so we discuss how to meet this card with:

  • a willingness to see and deepen what we know in our processing
  • to grow and evolve through the hardships, challenges
  • to be tender and devoted to ourselves and divinity
  • to be mindful so that we can present with our presence in these energies.

These are just some of the themes discussed this month. The affirmation is a little different. This first part is I can and will endure, and then you fill in the last part with anything specific that you are processing and deepening right now, if you choose. If you choose to leave it as it is, that is more than enough to work with, but putting a specific focus on it can make it your own.

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A Welsh Snakestone, Its Tradition and Folklore by Prys Morgan

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