Tea and Tombstones

TT 34: My truth is my strength

May 06, 2022 Ashlie Season 2 Episode 34
Tea and Tombstones
TT 34: My truth is my strength
Show Notes

Wildings, we have some deep and intimate invitations for May. 

Our monthly cards are  Strength 🌹🦁 and the Raccoon 🦝. These cards invite us to get real and honest with ourselves and with our hearts. We are being invited to bravely sit with the heart and form a new relationship of understanding and trust. 

Some of the themes discussed:

  • using honesty and rawness to build that power, control, and fortitude and creating a deeper narrative of doing the work with Strength
  • using that truth to connect and the realign and readjust so we can go forward bravely
  • using that truth to see what masks we wear or don't, help or hinder our truth
  • using the felt understanding of body and heart to create new things so our truth can evolve.
  • and much, MUCH more!

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