Tea and Tombstones

TT 15: Poetry and Card Counsel: Poems

April 29, 2021 Ashlie
Tea and Tombstones
TT 15: Poetry and Card Counsel: Poems
Show Notes

As April is National Poetry Month, it only makes sense that we would return to a deep dive into a poem. This month, I chose to honor the power of place and tending my spirit with a short poem, titled "Poems" by poet and children's books author Nikki Grimes. In this poem, we see the messages of what it means to hold the archetype of the Poet and the Gem. We discuss and compare these archetypes to those from the deck The Wild Unknown Archetypes. We see where the gems in our lives are unique. They are our own treasures that are found when we explore the darkness within. We also see how you don't need to write physical poetry to embody the Poet. This archetype is the witness. They are the ones that feel immensely into the dark corners, and pull out the messages which speak to transcendent truth. 

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